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GPSRoadie Tour Trailer Protection

You're on tour. You have the gigs lined up, the merch is made, the social media is exploding, fans are waiting to see and hear your band. Your instruments, your amps, your merch, possibly your life savings and your future earnings all stored in a very noticeable trailer (even without your band stickers). The last thing you want to happen is some thief stealing your trailer and ending your tour.

But the fact is, thieves will be looking at your trailer like a pot of gold. Sometime during your tour (probably many times), thieves will either try and break in, or they'll steal the whole trailer. The right padlock can prevent a break-in, but it won't stop a thief from stealing your trailer.

If your trailer is stolen, the longer it takes to find it, the less chance you have at getting back your instruments. Think about how much trouble it would be to replace all of your gear in some city you only arrived at last night.

The solution to protecting your trailer and getting it back if stolen is using the GPSRoadie.

How It Works

Easy Install: Easily attaches to trailers in seconds using the industrial strength magnet. The case can also be permanently attached to the trailer for additional security (requires attachment of external antennae - simple plug-in design).

Easy Setup: Login to the website, and decide who you want to give access to the location information, and who you want to receive alerts. You can have all band members, tour manager, and any other personnel notified if your trailer is stolen.

Geo-Fence Alerts: Get notified if your tour trailer is taken outside of the geo-fence. Setup geo-fences when you get there, or set up multiple geo-fences for every location before the tour, making your tour a little easier.

Tour Long Battery Life: Magnetic Power Case battery life is 200 days (with 1-minute updates). You'll also receive battery alerts when the pack needs recharging.