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Stolen Alert – San Diego, CA – Taylor 310, Fender Strat Orange, Fender Tele Blue

Posted on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Stolen Alert – San Diego, CA – Taylor 310, Fender Strat Orange, Fender Tele Blue

Please help! My studio was broken into while away over New Years. The burglar(s) took all of my guitars, while neglecting my valuable computer, rack gear, and pedals. They also took my only tube mic. To my surprise, they managed to find all the matched cases and I don’t know all the serials yet (working on it!). I really love and cherish these guitars. In my hunt to find them, I’ve been searching on google, craiglist, etc. and just seeing pictures of the same guitars makes me a little pathetic. I trust and play these instruments all day, every day. The stolen items are below:

Taylor 310 Dreadnought- 2005ish- natural finish- scratched to high heaven with a bent G-string tuning head. Evidence of removed pick-up system. All of the bridge pegs are black save for one white (D string). When taken, it had a woven beige cloth strap that was tied to the neck with a black shoestring.

Fender American Deluxe SStratocaster 2004ish- orange finish with tortoise shell pickguard (my modification) and rosewood fretboard. It has a bridge humbucker that can’t be switched to single coil. Newer versions allow for switching. It will not have the original whammy bar. The original leather strap was taken.

Fender Thinline Telecaster Reissue- 2002- daphne blue semi-hollow with pearl pickguard, dual humbuckers and maple fretboard. This Mexican-made guitar is my favorite. It has a noticeable chunk of finish taken out near the jack. The neck humbucker is a little loose and the tone knob is missing. You can still see bits of the factory pickguard plastic wrap under the knobs.

Black SX precision bass- 2010ish- maple fretboard. There’s nothing really unique about it, but I still miss it. It had a colorful Fender strap when it was taken.

Dave Pearlman TM-1 tube mic- serial number 557- stainless- they left the case, the original power adapter, and the shock mount. This mic sold on its own would be suspect.

Thank you for your help!