Stolen Music Instrument - Detail

Stolen Alert – Las Vegas, NV – LADO Super Strat

Posted on Friday, December 18, 2015

Stolen Alert – Las Vegas, NV

LADO Super Strat – Early 80’s vintage. Very custom guitar. Paint looks like a green lizard scale, and the paint is weather cracked to look like lizard or alligator scales. Has a Floyd Rose Black tremelo, and PINK Pick ups. Very rare.
Important guitar for many reasons…
– Featured on Lado brochures with Rych Chycki, engineer from Rush.
– Was used on many albums and tours, including Phil Collins Tribute No Jacket Required tour.
Was in normal hardshell case with blue furry lining.
Was stolen late Oct. 2014 from a Public Storage facility. The perp was caught and jailed for 4 months. They let him go due to faulty finger print work. The instrument was never recovered, but some other items from the locker were recovered. Please help me find this beautiful guitar, at least valuable to me. Reward Available.