Stolen Music Instrument - Detail

Stolen Alert – Denver, CO – Eastman VL80st Violin

Posted on Friday, January 1, 2016

Stolen Alert – Denver, CO – Eastman VL80st Violin
My 12 yr old daughter’s violin was stolen out of our vehicle in the parking lot of our condo complex on November 19th. This is only a week after she had it autographed by a musician that visited her school and whom she got to play with. I won’t mention the name only because I’m sure the thieves have no clue who it is.
My daughter is very into her music and this has been devastating. I am a single mother of three and cannot afford to buy her a new one.
If anyone comes across an Eastman VL80st with a signature (if it’s still there) on the body and in a custom silver or metallic hard case please let us know! Serial number is 10831496
Thank you!