Recovered Stolen Instruments

Here’s a few stories about¬†instruments we’ve helped recover.


Les Paul Custom and Les Paul Jr

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Recovered from bail bonds company.

“My two Gibson’s have surfaced, Les Paul Custom and Les Paul Jr., here in Las Vegas. Here’s the story: About six weeks ago I received an email about my two Gibson guitars. This person seen them at a friend’s house. He copied the serial numbers and Googled them, the Screaming Stone posts came up, that’s how he contacted me. The guitars were left as collateral at a bailbonds men. The client bought them from a pawn shop. I contacted metro detectives and told them all the info. Metro is in touch with the person who has the guitars.

I just want to thank you and your staff at Screaming Stone for your help. If it wasn’t for your site I would not be telling you this, and to all the people who have there instruments listed on your site, hang in there, cause this does work, I am proof of that.

Thank you,
Rich S.


Custom Maccaferri Style Acoustic Guitar

Location: San Francisco, CA
Recovered by musician who purchased from thief.

A classical pianist contacted us about her custom made acoustic guitar being stolen from her home in San Francisco. Her guitar was stolen the prior week, and police gave her no hope of recovering it. Within two days of our posting the info, we were contacted by another musician who had purchased the stolen guitar from someone selling it on the streets of San Francisco. That musician, a professional classical and jazz guitarist, purchased the $3000 guitar for $150. A few days after buying the guitar, he saw one of Screaming Stone’s stolen instrument alerts and contacted us. When we contacted the owner, she thought it was a scam, so she had me ask the jazz musician what was in the case. Amazingly, the owner’s sheet music of original songs were still in the case!


Some Others That We’ve Helped


Italian Cello

Location: Quebec, Canada
Recovered abandoned in alley.


Rickenbacker 4001 Bass

Location: Lake Tapps, WA
Recovered from pawn shop selling bass on EBay.


Custom 12 String Bass

Location: Ooltewah, TN
Recovered from instrument repair shop.


Peavey 5150 Guitar Amplifier Head

Location: Madison, AL
Recovered from pawn shop.


Sho-Bud LDG Pedal Steel Guitar and Furman SPB-8 Pedal Board

Location: Seattle, WA
Recovered from pawn shop.


Mesa Boogie Mark II-B

Location: Santa Monica, CA
Recovered from pawn shop.


Fender Japanese P Bass

Location: Reno, NV
Recovered from pawn shop.