Screaming Stone - GPS Protection for Music Instruments

Don't Let Some Thief
Steal Your Dreams.

GPSRoadie Music Instrument Protection

Having your instrument stolen is one of the worst situations a musician can experience. For most of us, it's like losing one of our closest friends. Insurance may pay to replace it, but for many of us, we want that instrument back.

The GPSRoadie can help you protect and recover your instrument. Be alerted if your instrument is stolen, and be able to see where it is, making recovery much easier.

The GPSRoadie

This is the GPSRoadie. It’s smaller than a stack of business cards, measuring about 2.5″ x 1.5″ x 1″. It’s the perfect size to put in the case of your most prized instruments.

Always Know Your Instrument is Safe

Your instrument is protected 24-7 by virtual fences. You can setup fences for your home, practice location, studio, gig locations... and always know when your instrument is entering and leaving those places. Perfect for the musician who needs to travel with instruments.

Get Alerted

If your instrument is taken outside of it's virtual fence, you'll be immediately notified. You can also set up to have multiple people alerted.