About Screaming Stone

Screaming Stone was founded by Chris Stone, musician, marketer, and victim of instrument theft.

“I know first hand how devastating it is to have your instrument stolen. It’s happened to me twice. Someone stole my pedalboard in Milwaukee, and someone stole one of my guitars in Seattle. I found out the hard way that the police were not going to get my gear back. They recover less than 3%.

It was up to me. And one person looking was not going to be very efficient.”

The solution – use digital crowd sourcing to publicize instrument thefts to other musicians, the people most likely to come across a stolen instrument for sale. Spread the word through social media, musician forums, and any other format that is efficient and cost effective. The more people that know about an instrument theft, the greater chance we have at finding and recovering more stolen instruments.

Since our beginning, we’ve helped recover over $500,000 in stolen instruments, so the concept works. We have twice the recovery rate of the police; but that is only 7% recovered. We need to recover more, and we need the music community to help us.

We have also started promoting music instrument protection. We’ve learned that it is easier to protect your instruments than it is to recover them.

So please help a musician and share the stolen posts! And protect your instruments!

Rock on.